Four reasons your books are not selling

Some authors always ask this question often “why are my books not selling?” it can be very disappointing when the book you put all your time, effort and resources is not selling.

But before you give up on selling books, you should read this article. The main reason why your books are not selling is that you are committing some mistakes somewhere. In this post, I would address four of those mistakes most authors commit.

Read on.

    1. You are not categorizing your books. When customers search for books they want to buy, they search in categories, but if your books are not categorized, you have a low chance of being seen. And how can you categorize your books? You should define the category of your book before you start writing. Your book category might be romance, crime, thriller or horror. But when you don’t categorize your book before you start writing, it might be hard for you to categorize it afterward. However, the category of your book depends on who your target audience is.

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  1. Your price is too high. One of the worst mistakes you make as an author is to set the price of your books based on emotions. If your books are too expensive, you might not get enough sales. You need to understand that emotions are not what defines the price of your books; the marketplace is what determines the price of your books. If you are a new seller, it is best to start with a low price. But if you are an established seller, you can set your book’s price based on the value it worth (well, you are already an established seller. People would want to buy from you because you are established).
  2. Your book description and book cover design are very un-exciting and boring. Most authors don’t realize that there is more to book cover designs than what they think. Your book cover design influences a customer’s decisions to buy your books. If your book cover looks boring, your customer might not buy your book. For you to make a nice cover design, get a cover designer that can help you in designing your book cover. Your book cover should also fit the needs of your target audience.
  3. Write a good book. You can’t just publish an anyhow book for people to buy and you would expect them to come back and buy from you. Quality is the key, not quantity. Make sure you produce quality books for people to read.